What is GRIT?

What is grit? And why do you need it?

Grit. We like the word, we really do. You might have guessed so, since we picked it as our brand name. Saying it out loud reveals some of the energy that’s encapsulated in those four letters.

‘Grit’. Try it.

But what is grit?

A definition of grit:

Grit is not giving up. Pursuing something you know is going to be difficult to achieve. Because deep down you know that difficult things can be done. Heck, if you have enough grit, even the impossible can be done.

Grit is working out several times a week, knowing you look like a fool. Keeping at it, and starting to look like a pro. Feeling the sensation of physical and mental health.

Grit is packing your bags and moving to a city you don’t know. Leaving behind what’s familiar, to find new roads. Connecting with new people. Getting to know things you never knew existed.

Grit is going on a journey, without knowing where you’ll end up. Tasting life and living it to the max. Taking risks and embracing cultures. Not being afraid to show yourself.

Grit is staying focussed and getting stuff done. Any stuff. Stuff you might not feel like doing, but simply needs to be done. Because you know life is not all about flowers and cupcakes.

Grit is not backing out when the going gets tough. Showing backbone when you need to. Breaking through barriers, because you know it will bring you somewhere. Not being afraid to fail, knowing that failure is an essential part of the growth process.

Grit does not have anything to do with talent - it’s all about your mindset. Believing in yourself, even when you’re not that sure about the outcome. Working harder than the next person, to get somewhere.

Grit is taking your future into your own hands. Setting a goal and really committing to reaching it. Day in, day out. Again and again - until you’re there, ready to set your next goal.

Trigger your grit!

Grit often result in serious achievements. Some people have it, some people don’t. But true grit comes from within. Sometimes all you have to do is trigger it.

Do you feel it’s time to unleash your grit? To wake up that slumbering force? Music can be the answer. Music possesses the power of giving instant energy, focus, motivation and concentration. So turn on those tunes and get to work.

You can do it.

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