Introducing: GRIT Audio’s A1 Adventurer


Whoa, what's that? GRIT audio?

That’s right, we’re the new kid on the block. You’re looking at a brand that’s all about quality earphones, but doesn’t want you to pay through the nose for it. Ears, nose ⎯ get it?

Before you start thinking we’re all about earphones: we’re not. GRIT audio is founded by music junkies who don’t feel comfortable with sitting on their backsides. We love the adventurous lifestyle. And we love people who love it.

Music Fuels You

GRIT wants you to have the opportunity to listen to the music you love. Everywhere, anywhere. Great music makes your life better, but also helps you reach goals. It makes possible what you thought was impossible. It serves you as a loyal companion during adventures ⎯ one that doesn’t complain, doesn’t betray you and doesn’t let you down. Music is able to fuel you.   

GRIT A1 Adventurer: Earphones For An Active Lifestyle

As we speak, we’re introducing the A1 Adventurer. Earphones that make things more fun, help you stay focussed and make you move. Music whenever you need it, with the touch of a button. High quality sound and ultimate comfort. Great design, smart features and an eye for what you want.

These earphones might just be the holy grail for audiophiles with an active lifestyle.

Quality Without Compromise

Okay, hold on now. Aren’t there enough great earphones already?

Yes. And no. Great earphones don’t often come at a great price. This means a lot of people are unable to experience their quality. GRIT is determined to break with this. Quality without compromise, within the reach of everyone. That’s our aim.

Affordable Awesomeness

The A1 Adventurer is suited for any activity ⎯ not just for adventures. It combines awesome sound with an affordable price. Deep bass, accurate mid-range and clear treble. A sound that’s always there, that gets to you, but never distracts you.

Thanks to a set of nifty features the GRIT A1 makes you play music or make a phone call without any effort. You want your favorite track to be available to you quickly, whenever you want, right? We understand.

Your Music Should Be Played All Day Long

Although sound quality is a big thing, it’s not the only important aspect of earphones. Great comfort simply can not be left out. The A1 Adventurer is designed to give you the possibility to wear earphones all day long. As long as you want ⎯ literally. Adjustable ear fins and ergonomic ear plugs do the trick. No pain, but lots of gain.

Back to that great sound quality. How did we achieve it? By combining an 11mm driver unit with a 9mm speaker, the A1 Adventurer offers a stable, natural sound quality. A 3.5mm extension weave line results in a comfortable listening experience with barely any distortion.

Off You Go

Enough about earphones. Time for some action. What’s the next great thing you’re planning to to do? Is it a trip? An adventure? It might be a life changing experience.

Do you reckon music can play a part in it? Let us give you a hint: hell yeah. So get your grit together, and get into action. Life is too short to be reading blogs.