A1 Adventurer

Quality Without Compromise

High quality materials equal a better audio experience. With a sturdy and metallic look, these earphones feel incredibly light. Compared to the more common used 9 mm driver, we equipped the A1 with an 11 mm driver to create an authentic and powerful output. The adjustable stay-put earfins ensures comfort so that you are free to appreciate the world around you. 


  • Inline mic and remote

  • Adjustable earfins

  • 11 mm driver unit

  • 3,5 mm weave line


Your Music At Your Fingertips

Thanks to the in-line mic and remote, the A1 Adventurer allows you to quickly and effortlessly play the music you want. Whether you’re in the middle of a workout or abroad. Incoming calls are answered with a single push.

Unrivalled Ergonomic Comfort

The A1 is fitted with adjustable ear fins. The earphones have an ergonomic design, and offer unrivalled comfort. 

No Distraction

The11mm driver unit gives the A1 a clear and powerful output. There is no need to turn up the volume to gain personal space. Combined with a 9mm speaker the A1 provides a natural sound quality. Grit audio support you to keep your mind on making the most out of what you were doing.

Clear And Rich Sound


The A1 Adventurer is equipped with highly accurate sound separation. Thick and full bass, powerful mid-range and clear treble are the ingredients for a clear and rich sound. A 3.5mm extension weave line makes sure you have maximum comfort and minimum distortion.